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1. Getting Started

When you get in touch, I'll run through a set of questions about your needs and ideas. This will pin down the goals and requirements for your project in a way that will allow me to provide a quote, and ultimately create the website you are looking for. Clients often find that taking the time to answer the questions helps them to communicate their vision for the project, and highlights issues they haven't considered.

This will invariably be followed by a number of conversations where I can get to know you, clarify details and get extra information.

2. Designing Your Site

If you're happy with the quote, I'll get started on your unique web design, using the information you've given me about your ideas, needs, likes and dislikes. Meanwhile, you'll need to get together the content for your site – text, photos and anything else you want to show (I can provide help with writing and photography if you want).

It's important that we get the look of the website decided at this point, because making changes later on will be far more difficult.

3. Building Your Site

Once you've approved the design, I'll arrange hosting (space on the internet), register your domain name (the web address) and build the site using the latest techniques and standards. If possible, I'll give you access to the site so you can check in whenever you want and see what progress has been made.

Once I'm all done, you can have a good look through the site and ask for any changes that are needed – correcting typos and swapping photos, that sort of thing (I you wish, I can provide a full proofread at this stage).

Then your new website will be ready to go live and start receiving visitors!


Check out my price guide to get an idea of costs.

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