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Writing and Editing Services

While not everyone will recognise typos, mistakes of grammar or poor writing, those that do will get the impression that you don't care about attention to detail or getting things right – not a reputation that any business would want…


If writing all the content needed for your website isn't your idea of fun, then you may want to employ my copywriting skills. I have years of professional experience, and can help to create text that will rank well in search engines like Google.

Copy-Editing and Proofreading

The first question most people ask me is "what's the difference?"

Well, to start with the simpler of the two, proofreading is a final read-though to spot errors and spelling mistakes. The writing itself will stay basically unchanged. The proofread is done right at the end of the process, because the final text never stays the same as your first draft.

Copy-editing goes much further than proofreading, and may involve rewriting sentences, improving the tone or reordering confusing sections, as well as suggesting other changes. Because a copy-edit can result in extensive changes, it is done when the content is still at first draft stage in a text file, before putting it 'into format' in the web page itself.

Even if you don't want to pay for a professional, you should definitely get somebody you trust to go over what you've written, before you publish it for the world to see. Other people will always spot typos and mistakes that you couldn't see in your own work!

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