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Hosting for your Website

A hosting package gives you space for your website on a 'server' computer, from where anyone can see the pages via the internet.

A particular package will have limits on disk space (the total size of the files that make up your site) as well as bandwidth (the amount of traffic your site receives). For most small businesses and starter websites, a basic package will be plenty, and you can easily upgrade as your site, and the number of visitors, grows over time. I use hosting only from reputable, reliable web hosting companies.

Your Domain Name

Your domain name is the web address for your site.

Every domain name must be unique, so you have to choose something that hasn't already been taken. It is also worth being wary of picking a name that is very similar to another website, as people may get confused.

The easiest way to get started is to try typing the domain name you're thinking about into the address box at the top of your internet browser window. If no website is found, then there's a good chance that the address is not taken. Get other people's opinions on your choice, and consider how it looks written down without spaces.

Once you've decided, I will double-check availability and register the address in your name.

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