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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

If you expect to create new business through your website, then it is vital that it ranks highly in search engines – in particular Google, which is by far the most popular.

When someone types in particular search keywords, such as 'hairdresser melton mowbray', the search engine will display the most relevant websites based on various criteria. The exact calculations are kept secret by Google, etc, but some important factors are:

  • Appearance of the keywords – they should appear naturally within the text, not be crammed in artificially.
  • Original content – text copied from elsewhere on the internet is ranked lower. Aim to have lots of relevant, original information, or at least information gathered and organized in a new way.
  • Relevant links between the pages of your site – make the text of each link meaningful (ie, web design rather than just click here).
  • External links feeding in to your site – the more other websites with links to yours, the higher you will rank, so it is well worth registering your company and its web address on local and specialist business directories, and seeking other positive online publicity.

Remember the rankings are all about the competition for a particular keyword or phrase. If you cast your net too wide by targeting a very common phrase like 'cars for sale', you'll be up against big brands with millions to spend on SEO and marketing. If you stay focused on a specific niche, such as 'convertible ford capri for sale', there will be less people searching for the term, but those that do will be more likely to see your web address on the first page of Google, and more likely to find what they were looking for on your site.

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